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You're Officially Invited:

Register For The St. Pete Essential Business Directory

If you've received an invitation you've officially been invited to register your business for Downtown Deliveries' Essential Business Directory.

As the local economy begins to re-open amidst a reported world-wide COVID-19 "pandemic" I think most of us have learned first hand the importance of being considered "Essential". And, while many of us have limited control over what our local government officials may consider "Essential", we have a distinct responsibility to our families, current clientele, and the neighborhoods we serve to begin to make a conscious effort to highlight those aspects of our businesses that ARE "Essential" to making life easier if in the case such a shutdown were to ever happen again.

I challenge you to think of a product, service, sale or special you'd like to make sure the general public knows you'd be able to continue to "deliver" even in the case of another COVID related shutdown.

If you're a barbershop, what products can you sale online even in the event of another shutdown? If you're a bar or winery, how can you make sure the general public still has access to your signature cocktails and bottles if government officials call for another quarantine? Now is the time to begin to message and market such options, and Downtown Deliveries is committed to helping do just that.

We already have 5,000 Flyers and 3,000 door hangers printed and ready for distribution. All we're missing is what sale, special, product or service you'd like to have marketed. There's NO UPFRONT CHARGE. All we ask is that you pay us a referral for whatever business we help generate. Registration is FREE and Easy. Simply click the link below to get started. Don't wait. Don't hesitate. Sign up Now.

Suggested Products & Services:

Lightspeed Laundry Loyalty Program

Made4Dates Member Events & House Accounts

The St. Pete Wine Club

The Flower Guy Subscription Service

Benefits of Joining The Essential Business Directory:

  • Written Reviews
  • Weekly Sales Suggestions and Specials
  • COVID-19 Compliant Event Promotions
  • An Online Catalog of Select Products to Assist with Advance Reservations and Order Placements
  • Assistance with Better Inventory Management and Budgeting
  • Advance Sales in the form of Monthly Subscriptions or Presold Vouchers and Gift Cards in Exchange for Discounts and Guaranteed Availability of Desired Inventory

All at NO UPFRONT COST. Simply pay a referral for every new member recruited and each annual renewal after that.


Submit Newsworthy Events & Initiatives:

Register your business to list a product, service, sale or special of choice as part of The Essential Business Directory and submit any newsworthy events and/or initiatives as part of our Meet the Mgt section highlighting notable citizens within Downtown St. Pete and it's neighboring areas.

Office, Concierge Phoneline & More:


1,000 Invitation Door Hangers

1,000 General Registration Door Hangers

1,000 "Do Not Disturb" Door Hangers

5,000 Consumer Membership Flyers

500 Consumer Membership Cards